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25 May 2015

We are very sorry to inform you that there is a problem with our webshop,
so it isn't working at the moment.
If you want to order please do so via our bandcamp page.

Ghosts... and Personal Effects Pt.2 are available now as newly remastered downloads with bonus tracks!

Both albums have now been out of print for a while and currently there are no plans to rerelease them as CDs, but if you go to our website you can even get them in 24 bit quality which is actually a better quality than the CD format.

Of all Frequency Drift albums “Personal Effects Part 2” may be the most underrated one. It was a huge step forward in the development of the sound of Frequency Drift. It was the first album that introduced the idea of using “strange” instruments as strings, harps and flutes in the music. With the new mastering you can hear a lot of nice details that had been lost in the first version. It now sounds much closer to what it should sound.

“Ghosts...” was the follow-up album. The original version was mastered by someone who thought “Ghosts...” should sound like a heavy metal record. Well, it shouldn't. The new version sounds far more cinematic and more detailed.

If you don't know the albums, but want to find out what Frequency Drift is all about or if you want to find out what the original intention of these two albums was, now is the perfect time.

Both albums also contain bonus tracks, that were originally intended to be included on the albums.

For HiRes downloads and special offers head to our webshop.

For normal downloads please go to our bandcamp page.

Andreas Hack, our keyboard player, has released "Pieces". His first solo album!
Click on the picture to find out more!

You can buy and listen to Summer here:

or at our shop:

 24 Bit Hires Download

8 Euros

Order here

Summer CD (Cottage Industry Version + Hi Res Download)

11 Euros (incl. p&p)

Order here
Summer Is Over Special 1:

Summer CD and CD Over

24 Euro

Order here

Summer Is Over Special2 :

Summer HiRes download and CD Over

22 Euro

Order here

Ok, Summer is here: Summer is our first release without a label and we are quite excited:

What is Summer?

Summer is our new collection of songs which will be released as download only.

Summer contains 6 newly recorded songs from different time periods. The oldest one goes back to the Personal Effects albums. These songs were originally intended for different albums, but never made it on the respective albums because of time restraints.


Isa Fallenbacher: vocals

Sibylle Friz: cello

Andreas Hack: keys, guitar

Christian Hack: guitar

Wolfgang Ostermann: drums

Wolfgang Riess: bass

Nerissa Schwarz: harp, mellotron

Why Summer?

All of these songs are very important to us and we always thought that they were too good to be forgotten.

Summer is also intended as a fund raiser. As you may have heard, we are playing some gigs in Europe this autumn. We are really excited. However, being a relatively unknown band, it is really difficult to finance our travel expenses. So, if you want us to continue playing gigs, you can help us by buying Summer.

Summer is also meant as a thank you for the people who have come with us this far.

Summer is also a calling card for people who have never heard us before, if they don't know what we are about, here they can find out.

Summer is also some kind of goodbye. Summer is NOT the next regular album. This album will sound different. Summer rounds up this era of the band with some of our best performances.

"Summer" will be released on 12 September 2014.
More news on Friday!!!

You can watch the video for our song "Run" here!
Some more information on the album can be found below!
You can use paypal, or if you live in Germany, also pay via invoice.

Frequency Drift "Over"
Order 15 Euro (p&p incl.)

Frequency Drift "Over"
Order 18 Euro (p&p incl.)

"Over" contains 12 songs:

1. Run 7.05

2. Once 6.06

3. Adrift 4.39

4. Them 7.52

5. Sagittarius A* 5.50

6. Suspended 8.28

7. Wave 5.42

8. Wander 5.33

9. Driven 4.54

10. Release 6.47

11. Memory 10.00

12. Disappeared 4.22

About our new CD "Over":

The harp, the cello, the violin, the flute, the gemshorn – and all that in a rock band? Really? Yes! On their new album Frequency Drift merge influences as diverse as Pink Floyd, Renaissance and film music in fascinating fashion: cinematic progressive rock. Sounds interesting? That’s because it is!

Founded in 2007 by keyboarder and mastermind Andreas Hack, Bayreuth-based Frequency Drift now present their fifth studio album Over. When compared to its critically acclaimed predecessors the record shows tremendous progress – yet again. More than ever the instruments are in the center of attention and, in addition to the abovementioned variety, this time there are instrumental exotics such as the duclar, a tin whistle, different harps, a marimba and a wavedrum. Thus Frequency Drift enter an entirely new dimension within the rock-context, elegantly avoid the pitfalls of cliché of the genre and finally create a musical mixture that holds something for everybody, ranging from prog-fans via lovers of world music all the way to listeners of classical works.

This love of experimenting also becomes evident in the fact that, opposed to general customs, the band decided to not have only one single voice on the record. Frequency Drift rather went with a different plan. With the spectacular shooting star Isa Fallenbacher, who appears on the majority of the songs, as well as the jazz-trained Agathe Labus there are no less than two singers that perform the lyrics that function as the listeners’ keywords – while still leaving space for interpretation.

As regards content, especially, the fifth album of the southern Germans has an almost unprecedented depth to offer. The band deals with the area of tension between idyll and decay and in that forward set course fusions the urban and cold sounds of the Personal Effects Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 records from the early days of Frequency Drift with the warm and more organic sounds of the recent records Ghosts and Laid to Rest. Held together by an ever larger harmonic and rhythmic variety, a fascinating masterpiece comes together that is perfected by the cover pictures of Alina Rudya. The work of the Ukrainian shows the photographer’s hometown of Pripyat that has been abandoned since the Chernobyl disaster and where nature continues to make its way – despite all existence-threatening conditions. Corresponding to those aesthetics Frequency Drift, through their soundscapes, create a surreal atmosphere of loss, decay, abandonment but also liberation. The fact that the generous use of effects often leads to space-ish sounds only adds further to that impression.

By always pursuing the extraordinary in terms of both the arrangements as well as the selection of instruments, Frequency Drift establish their very own style to which they furthermore add numerous innovations and that they continue to follow consequently on Over. Here the love of experimenting becomes the concept. Sibylle Friz (cello), Andreas Hack (keyboards), Christian Hack (guitar, flute, duclar, wavedrum), Jasper Jöris (gemshorn, marimba), Ulrike Reichel (violin, viola), Tino Schmidt (bass) and Nerissa Schwarz (co-songwriter, acoustic and electric harp) have established a wonderfully fruitful collaboration with RPWL’s Yogi Lang (sound mixing) for this impressive piece of music. With guitar virtuoso Martin Schnella (Flaming Row), Kalle Wallner (RPWL, bass) and drummer Phil Paul Rissettio (Ex-RPWL) three guest musicians have followed Frequency Drift’s call and contributed to what amounts to a truly exceptional artistic experience.

18 November 2013

You can order "Laid to Rest" in our webshop.
You can use paypal, or if you live in Germany, pay via invoice.
"Ghosts" can be ordered here!

17 November 2013

Our new album "Over" will be released on 14 February 2014 in Europe and on 18 February 2014 in the US!

You can find the complete line-up here.

29 December 2012

The reviews have been updated!

30 September 2012

New gig: Rüsselsheim (Germany), 19 October 2012, "Das Rind"!!!

25 July 2012

For a short time you can listen to the complete new album here!

8 July 2012

We opened day 2 of this year's Night of the Prog festival, Loreley. It was fantastic!
Huge thanks to everyone who supported us!
Click here for some videos of our live performance.

6 July 2012

Our new CD "Laid to Rest" has been released!
You can order the album here for 15 Euros (incl p&p)!

It contains the following songs:

1. Dead
2. Parted
3. Cold
4. Wish
5. Ice
6. Copper

19 May 2012

The reviews have been updated!

26 March 2012

A lot of things have happened over the last few weeks, so it is time for a major update!

1. Antje, Andreas and Jürgen have released the debut album of their electronic project
   "Rachel's Memory"! It can be ordered via
Mellowjet, the project's record label.

Click on the cover to watch a promo video for the song "choice".

2. Frequency Drift will play at this year's Night of the Prog Festival!!!

We will on Sunday 8 July 2012 at 12 o'clock!

3. The recording of the 4th album is completed. The album will be called "...laid to rest"!!!
    It will contain six songs. More information will follow soon!

4. Frequency Drift will compose the soundtrack for an indie vampire move called "Montrak".
    Click here to watch the trailer. But beware it is quite bloody!

5. The first Frequency Drift video review can be seen here!

5 January 2012

Happy new year!

We are Number 4 on the Top Prog Rock Albums of 0f 2011 List!!!

11 December 2011

You can find a new interview from lordsofmetal.nl here!

The reviews have also been updated!

20 November 2011

The reviews have been updated!

You can also buy Ghosts here:

PPR Shop

31 October 2011

You can find a new interview from progarchives here!

18 October 2011

Next Thursday you can hear us on the German radio station afk max on the programme Prog Extended.
It starts at 10 o'clock p.m.
And we have another great review in German. Click here to read it!

9 October 2011

A great review in German. Click here to read it!

5 October 2011

Another fantastic review in English. Click here to read it!

1 October 2011

Frequency Drift on the European Perspective!!!
We are in great company :-)
Click here to take a look!

25 September 2011

A fantastic review in English. Click here to read it!

16 September 2011

A great review in German for "Ghosts"! Click here to read it.

6 September 2011

A great review in French for "Ghosts"! Click here to read it.

16 August 2011

There is an advance notice of our new album "Ghosts" in the German magazine "Eclipsed"!

9 August 2011

Frequency Drift on the International Prog Rock Show!!!
Frank said some very nice things about the band :-)
Click here to take a look!

8  August 2011

Frequency Drift's "Ghosts" was added to Progrockarchives!
Click here to take a look!

17 July 2011

Our third album "Ghosts..." will be released on Progrock Records. The official release date is September 13, 2011

You can pre-order the album via Progrock Records here!

The album has been mastered by Henning Pauly who already worked with Dream Theater's James LaBrie!

Ghosts... contains the following songs:

Click here to hear some samples of the songs!

1. Crows
2. Dreams
3. Sadness
4. Tempest
5. Ringshine (written by N. Schwarz of
6. Dance no more
7. Mermaid
8. Come

It also features some amazing guest musicians:

Wolfgang Ostermann  drums

Frank Schmitz violin

Rainer Hartmann guitar

Nerissa Schwarz Electroharp 

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We finally took some band pictures!

29 May 2011

We have a new song online! Click here to listen to the new song and to take a glimpse at the cover for our
third album "Ghosts...".

Furthermore we have a new facebook page. Click here to take a look and like it!

3 April 2011

After the release of the two critically acclaimed albums “Personal Effects. Part One and Two“ Frequency Drift are planning to release their third album called “Ghosts...“. This CD is the next logical step in the band's evolution. While the story of “Personal Effects“ was set in a dark urban and futuristic setting, the new songs are connected by a different theme. They are about things that haunt us, things that cannot fully be grasped, things we carry with us, emotions that echo from former times. The band conveys this with a slight change in their music and in the atmosphere that is created. Although the cinematic approach is still there, the music is enhanced by the increased use of guitar. Furthermore there is now an even larger variety of stylistic influences such as jazz or even heavy metal. Another highlight are the new hauntingly beautiful yet adventurous violin solos, 70ies style flute parts and intriguing electric harp sections. Frequency Drift will recreate this very special atmosphere during their live concerts. The mixing is finished and the album is ready for release.

27 February 2011

We are almost finished recording our new CD! Soon there will be me more information. Expect some great changes!!!

18 October 2010
We are busy working on our next album!

9 July 2010
Hans from www.progwereld.org
was kind enough to send us an English translation of his
very positive review!!!
Click here to read it!

1 July 2010
Links and reviews have been updated!
Personal Effects. Part One is now available on itunes!

29 May 2010

We have updated the Media section with some new reviews.
Click here to read an in-depth interview about the Personal Effects CD (in German).

21 April 2010

Our CD has now been out for about a month and the reactions have been been quite positive so far!
As a thank you we decided to give you a new song that is not included on our latest CD.It is the last song
of the "Personal Effects" song cycle, it is called "Distant". All you have to do to get a high quality Mp3 of the song is to subscribe to our new newsletter!
If you are interested, please send a mail to frequencydrift@googlemail(dot)com with the subject "distant newsletter"!

7 April 2010

If you want to hear more music made by members of Frequency Drift. Please head over to
www.myspace.com/coronalrain and listen to some songs. You can buy Coronal Rain's debut CD here!

6 March 2010

Our new CD is finally here and this is what it looks like:

The album is considerably more intricate than the first one. We decided to go even more "cinematic" by
literally giving each of the characters of the story its own voice. Thus we ended up having three
different singers. We also wanted to enhance the sonic palette of our music, so we asked classical
musicians to
play on the album which gives the album a distinctive sound. There are still no lyrics
in the booklet, but we have asked some very gifted artists to paint pictues for every song. Furthermore
there are sound effects between the songs to illustrate the story. Go and make up your own story to the
songs, sounds and pictures. Let us know what you came up with!

It was incredibly hard to get this album done. We are immensely pround of it and are now looking forward
to getting reactions to it.

February 1st 2010
We have just been informed that the world release date for Personal Effects Part 2 will be 21 March 2010!!!